Dating Tips for Ultra Thirds

Dating Tips for Ultra Thirds – How to Do It Right

Isn’t it just downright frustrating to be single?

Like most other women, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect man. You’ve probably gone through some rocky relationships as well as some downright terrible dating experiences. habitat suggest that you try to hang out where men are (so-called perfect places). You’ve also probably learned that it’s best to treat men as if they were created to be by another man, since usually they are not.

Generally, it works out about the same for women too. But, that doesn’t mean there’s not a trick to finding that special someone. So, if you are now a newly Divorced or divorced single woman, you know that you aren’t alone. But seeing as the odds are in your favor, I don’t want you to feel too bad. I know I would have been in your shoes at one time. Ever wondered how some women seem to meet men with no problem at all? It’s usually them. It’s almost effortless. What is it about these women that seems to attract men so easily and effortlessly?

The secret is probably in the understanding of female psychology and the careful application of psychological techniques.

See, being attractive to a man is not necessarily about looking like a super model. Sometimes it has more to do with the way you act and treat men than anything else. If you treat a man just like you would treat anyone, he will feel he doesn’t need to put on any airs or behave in a particular way. Since men are pretty easy creatures by nature, it shows that you really don’t put any more pressure on them than they do on you.

So to put it simply, the key to attracting a man is not in how you look, dress or act, but rather in the dynamic you create between the two of you. You see, a dynamic relationship is where both people are happy. They are both giving and receiving equal weight, but in different methods. So if a man comes up to talk to you, he doesn’t want to be treated like just another guy. He wants to be treated like a guy, but he also doesn’t want to feel like just another guy. He wants to be treated like a man, but he doesn’t want to be treated like just another man.

So that’s where a powerful technique comes into play.

Rather than focus on the superficial things such as what he thinks about your cleavage or if his car is neat, reaction to his words and opinions is critical. Be sure you can recognize when he is saying something negative about the way you dress or you are driving and respond to it in a manner that deflects the blame off of him and onto something else. Anything negative is an opportunity to grow and change your relationship.

Try this simple exercise. When he talks about a problem that isn’t about you, respond by saying, “I never see anything negative. What is the trouble with me?” Men are used to the notion that they can just nag a woman and she will listen to them. Then when she is there to court, the guy is behind the scenes focusing on the “hot happens” and not really listening to what he is saying.

But if you switch things around, it’s like night and day. Now instead of nagging, he is seeing you sneaking around the edges of the curtain, carefully watching him. He’s seeing you secretly craving his attention and now there’s so many thoughts going through his head, but they make no sense. Just wait for them to be reassured. If you are a man, it is an ego boost for him when you do.

Wait for him to say something negative.

When he does, counter with “No, it’s nothing. I was just wondering, because I was so worried about you.” Any conversation regarding your hair or clothes will bucks the tension. Every time his negative thoughts are brushed off your every word, he’ll start to wonder what’s wrong. He’ll become more vulnerable to you and fall for you. Girls, construct your own positive identity and when he sees it, he will be convinced. Now go, put this on your website!

Isn’t it just downright frustrating to be single? Like most other women, you’ve probably spent…