How to Flirt and Make Her Want You

Men and women are very different, it’s a fact that is not easy to deny. With men, there are rules, general guidelines which will help you to win her heart. Women too have their views and guidelines but they are less Loud and would prefer that their man should naturally know how to flirt with her.

If you’re the shy type and cannot seem to flirt with a girl, here are some ways how to get started.

1. Girls are naturally hard to please but if you tell her you find her interesting, she might respond with a smile. So don’t worry and start chatting with a friend. If you find her gazing at you, try walking towards her and extend a friendly smile. Act like you don’t care if she goes ahead or not. It’s not just your first friendly chat.

2. If you’re striking a conversation with a girl and she’s giving you positive responses, tell her you find her interesting. You could start complimenting her. You could say how nice her hair is, how pretty she is in that dress. Or you could say that you like her bag as well. Women love to know that men are attracted to them physically.

3. Now, as she’s talking, keep encouraging her with your words and your listening skills. This is like an ice breaker. The conversation will take another turn. At some point, ask her what does she do in her free time. This will get her to talk some more. She’ll talk about something that interests her and you just add on with your own experiences. Keep yourself up to date with the latest events and also learn something new about your chosen lady. Who knows? You may find something that will make your bond ever stronger between us.

4. Don’t be too touchy to touch with random strangers too soon in your relationship. It’s okay to make small comments to them like saying how nice their weather is, how hot or cold it is. But don’t go on introducing yourself to them, unless she first introduces you to her friends. If she’s a friend of a friend, it’s probably safe to say that you will have at least that much common interest. Except of course, if you don’t know them at all. Then, probably stay away unless she’s a just a good friend of a friend.

5. Be funny and be interested. Explore on interesting topics together. Talk about movies, current events, travel, food, etc. On the very place, some men and women. Known informally as auto in the man to woman dating Scene. Get yourself acquainted with the current scene by hanging out with your Friends or at least persons you have some sort of causal interest in. This will not only build your common interest but will get rid of time that you could have spent with each other. It’s a given that you will have something to talk about the next time either of you decide to meet in person.

6. Be yourself. It cannot be stressed enough on the importance of being yourself. There are so many people trying to impress the other, putting their best foot forward and such. But in the end, you are what you are and the only way to be truly yourself is in expressing the true self in an honest manner. There is no use trying to be something else. If you carefully project yourself as a loving person who is caring, affectionate, sweet, composed, caring, intelligent, witty and fun loving then there’s no reason why any woman or man would not be very comfortable with you.

Men and women are very different, it’s a fact that is not easy to deny.…