How to Know If She is the Right One

Are you trying to date women who are exciting and different but just seem to fall short of the relationship standards you are looking for? Do you know how to recognize them when they come along? What is the one thing you can do with them that will allow you to continue to see her and win her heart?

I have been in your exact spot. Maybe you are new to the dating scene. Chances are you are single and probably looking to date beautiful women. One great thing about starting your dating life from an online dating site is the ability to see who is the compatible match for you. It is always easy when you are connected with a woman or are able to start a dialogue with her and in the end you know more about her than she knows about you.

In contrast, when you meet a women in a physical environment you know what she looks like, her personality, and most of all her energy. If you compliment her on any of these things, along with other aspects of your life, you are more likely to be able to generate attraction. This will allow you to continue to see her and the relationship smoothly forward.

It can be difficult for a guy to remove the thought that women might not be into him. There are ways to have the conversation and have her open up to you about some of the thoughts going through her mind. When you can compliment her on a variety of things about her that will have you both comfortably expressing your innermost thoughts you are well on your way to progressing forward with chemistry.

If you want to have the chemistry with your woman then you must have the mental and emotional Conversation BEFORE you end on the first date. There are so many thoughts in a woman’s mind about the date. Even though she is physically with you, her thoughts have already been captivated by you. Make a mental note of it so you do not have to go through the frustration of not getting a second date with her. There is a woman out there who is ready and willing to have a discussion and discover where you stand as a couple as soon as you have started your dates.

It is important to understand the chemistry or compatibility factor so you can pursue women who you are truly compatible with and allow the chemistry to form in a positive way. Remember you will attract who you are. Women want a man they can feel good about being with a guy.

If you have known her for a while then you can be more direct with her up and reveal your interest CRUCIAL things about her that you wish you had known earlier. If you know about something that she has been hiding with a little bit of this knowledge your relationship can only be better. If there is a thing about a woman that gets her a little red she will let you performs on it and will begin being more open and vocal about her feelings.

No matter what step you take, don’t give up at the first sign of conflict. If you take a step back and try to asses the situation before you get involved and she sticks around that is not a bad thing. Often times women don’t recognize what a great guy they have until you are gone. When you truly fill your heart it makes it easier to connect with her in a physical manner if you can let her know how genuinely interested you are in her heart.

Are you trying to date women who are exciting and different but just seem to…