Stop Dating Jerks! Advice to Avoid Heartache and Time Lost With divorced or Never Married Men

We can sit around, send out feelers, and attempt to communicate with the men we are attracted to. Do they return our flames? Do they call us back? Can we hold a conversation? Is it possible to eliminate or reduce the risk of dating jerks? Yes!

Dating disappointments are not limited to our experiences with men we are attracted to. We also have to address the challenging relationship we can be faced with when dating a man that we are married to or we live with. It’s hard to avoid or ignore signs that you are dating a jerk, but there are ways to decrease the humiliation and heartache that come with making poor relationship choices. It’s not difficult; you just have to take action.

Take a step back and consider the following questions that will help you back evaluate your relationship choices.

For many women choosing to date a man they are married to or living with is difficult. Husbands and partner killers exist in the world. There are always underlying reasons for why they are pursuing the attractive man as their companion. Does he have an addiction issue? Is he a patient optimize junkie? Is he a player or a slow thinker? Is he disorganized? Is he a control freak? Is he a narcissist? Does he have an abusive background? Are these the reasons that you are attracted to him? Does he have similar characteristics to your former boyfriends?

It’s wise to evaluate these questions and then evaluate your current relationship. You will need a few months of catching his nuts andConstructive outcomes before getting married. This kind of time is necessary for you to realize does he possess the characteristics you seek in a man, does he possess the characteristics should you marry. So how are you going to find this out, what are the best signs?

Appearance -If your man’s fashion sense is immaculate and provocative and everyday wear is expensive and unique. He is taking good care of himself. Is he at the trendiest bars/clubs? You might need to spend more time Though as a companion you are expected to do your own thing and not have a problem with this it is still, this can be good clues.

Trading style as a couple.What is your take on the activities that you like to do together, is he the sporty type and would love to go camping with you. Does he like you to participate in club activities, does he check with you every time, has he left gifts for you at his house or at your place, these are all signs that he is taking good care of you.

Your children- whether he plans on them or not.How does he feel about having kids, you have 2 choices, a family of his own or nothing with you. If he has already made up his mind and you are the one to have kids, he sees you as a part of his future family, as oppose to an add ON.

Whatever you decide, take your time and have a plan. The truth is you are in charge of your life, you get to decide where you are going and who you are going to be with. Don’t dwell on what your ex did, focus on you and what you are today. Yes you have history but new starts are rarely created in relationships due to broken promises. All works well, go with your instincts, you do not know how this person will react, so go with your gut.

Good luck and happy new years to you all!

We can sit around, send out feelers, and attempt to communicate with the men we…