The Signs That Show That a Guy Is Nervous About You

Men will open up about many things with a woman they love, including their feelings, but they never open up and honestly talk about what they are feeling. This can be bad especially because you want to know what’s on his mind. It may be difficult to read from one moment to the next as he talks about how he is feeling in a particular moment, but there are several signs that will let you know exactly what is going on in his heart.

He Makes Severaluceries

If a guy is nervous about you, he will probably be trying to buy time so he has more time to gather his thoughts. This includes making more than one purchase, often for a very low price. He is doing this in hopes of having more time to think about you and his own reactions to your words and actions.

He Stares At Your Outward Body Language

One way that a man who is nervous can portray his anxiety is by continually staring at your physical body. He is probably checking to see what you are wearing, if you are wearing a skirt or a top and what your stance is. It is not unlike a woman’s body language to keep tabs on whether the man she is with is thinking about making a purchase, wondering what he looks like with a new haircut or just needs some feedback from you.

He Talks About You In An endeavor To Get More Information

If a man is hoping to make a good impression and fill a void in his knowledge, he is going to chin fluctuate and talk about himself and his repairing car or his new tire. He will make statements like, “Yeah I went to the local bait and fish store that had some live bait for the petite little thing…” and in an effort to offer some support or validation to what you say, he will then venture forth what he said, “Yeah I like that you said that…” By that point he would have given away all of his secrets. “I went to the local bait and fish store”. That is something that he would have told you in an attempt to fill in the silences he feels himself in.

He Comes Closer To You

A great sign that a man is nervous around a woman he is attracted to is if he leans towards her. He will do this by wanting to be close to her and often sit next to her or in close row behind her.

He Is Always Nervous

Somewhat of an excuse to get closer to you, he will lean in closer around you with both arms crossed and will also rest his forearm against your shoulder, in an effort to replicate a hug. He will also do this when speaking to you for the very first time.

He Is Always Shaking His Hair

This is a dead giveaway that he is nervous around you, as he probably suffers from male pattern baldness and has been lying to himself in attempts to cover it up. Men generally have a hard time picking the cause of their hair loss, so if it has been a problem for him it will show up fairly quickly.

He Is Always Preening

This hair splitting, unstyne gesture may be clusters of skin rubbing against each other. He is either preening for you or preening for himself in an effort to hide the problem or distract you, depending on which is happening. Other possible symptoms include his fingertips rubbing against your skin or he will be picking at your hair to clean it up. No matter what he is doing, the message is loud and clear — he is very nervous around you.

He Is Very Nervous Around You

While some men are just naturally shy, most of them suffer from nerves when talking to women they admire or like. He will be edgy, fidgety and restless and will probably try to hide this from you by being even more quiet.

Men will open up about many things with a woman they love, including their feelings,…