How to Make Him Want to Be Your Boyfriend

Here Is a Sneak Peek Into What Men Truly Desire in a Relationship

For women, dating is a game most of them do not understand. They keep thinking that they are in the minority that don’t know how to go about it. In reality, there are many out there that know it all and implement all the things that would make a great girlfriend while there are few that actually know what it takes to become a great boyfriend.

Becoming a great boyfriend requires much more than running his routines while he uses magic to make her hang onto his every word. It’s more of a psychological war where the odds are constantly tilted against you. To overcome this, you have to know what it takes to become a wanted guy. Here are three tips that would make any man notice you:

Learn the Attraction Secret

Without this basic knowledge of what makes a man feel attracted to a woman, you’reLine Up to Be Set Up! And we all know that there’s hardly anything that magic can do to set you up with any man — fault or not! It’s rather up to fate. Unbelievably, there are things a spell cannot do. Attraction is an irresistible thing and its Translation in a woman’s actions can be seen in the way she handles herself – her manners, how she talks and others.

Love Yourself

Doing this will make you confident and that our basic desire to be loved is a thing that would march along like a breeze. Self-love makes you give importance to yourself at work, at hobbies, even for simple living. As we grow old, it’s inherent to us to want to travel the world with a carefree person because it’s such a joy to be with them. Imagine never having to cry or making a habit of resentment. Very few people can look into the eyes of a person who’s on the verge of tears and know it’s them. Self love is the best attraction you can possibly have.

Brute Force Seduction

It’s not about playing games or lowering the value of women. It’s more of getting her attention and strengthening the things that make her sing from the first note of the piano. For instance, men may consider it foolish to approach the woman at the bar and after a conversation, offer to buy her a drink. That way you’re merely attempting to get her attention, you’re attempting to seduce her, basically her body, through her own decision. That’s it! Brute force seduction is mostly based on physical aspects. It’s only because most men don’t get to touch the woman they desire that the method fails miserably!

It’s because the method fails on the value and significance of the woman herself. This is the reason you must feel joy and peace knowing that you have absolutely control over the woman, she is merely another person needed for the right reasons and you’re the one who shall reject her! Let’s leave such an exercise as seduction to the egotistical guys. A girl who’s got her mind set won’t fall for your clumsy techniques no matter how elaborate your story. You only fail if you’re lacking in the RETURN: ‘ Believe me, I’m the best’ syndrome.

The RETURN technique can never work if you fail to have unwavering belief in your ability.

Maintain a Good Attitude

The more you believe in yourself, the higher the percentage of success you will have in any kind of social situation. It’s always better to have a ‘good’ attitude about social situations rather than be misunderstood and be at your best in the consciousness of the environment. Many guys would like to play it safe. Many would like to believe that they are master seducers. Which is stupid! No way! Success will only come to those who flaunt how much they have soar about themselves rather than the other Joes around. Don’t do anything that lowers your own value.

Doing only this will provide you with the feeling of security and courage to approach any kind of women. Being a fun and interesting guy will also help you keep the interest of the girl. Just do it! Try it today and notice the difference in your life immediately. Finally, get yourself a good dating book and learn the techniques and psychology of getting girls in life. This won’t happen without your updated mind frame, your updated way of thinking and your updated self-esteem.

Here Is a Sneak Peek Into What Men Truly Desire in a Relationship For women,…